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R. Ethington, Author

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Monument to FDR's 1941 Four Freedoms speech at Hyde Park, NY


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After a 65-year interment, what would the most popular President in U.S. history do if he found himself brought back to life able-bodied and youthful in a political environment full of impressive-sounding but phony corporate-backed ‘astroturf’ front groups (i.e., Air Quality Standards Coalition, Americans for Medical Progress, Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, Coalition for Asbestos Resolution, George C. Marshall Institute, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Wise Use Movement, etc., etc.)?

Would he succeed in finding some highly-motivated guidance to navigate the thoroughly corporatized byzantine switchbacks of most of the Democratic Party, the leaders of which decades ago shed their commitments to many of their core New Deal and Great Society principles thanks to the likes of closet-Republicans such as Al From, as well as Wall Street oligarch-schmoozing Bill & Hillary Clinton?

Would a revived FDR resuscitate his ambitions for a Second Bill of Rights?

Would he be able to mentally survive a culture flooded with Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, video gaming, sports addictions, gambling addictions, substance addictions and Tea Party delusions all designed to distract voters from their democratic republic being morphed into an oligarchic 1%-controls-all corporatocracy?

Would he be able to physically survive the temptation to binge on the exposed gray matter of troglodytic economic sociopaths whom he could spot thanks to an inherited special power of visual acuity?

Discover the answers to those questions and many more in "Eating Hillary's Brain...Or, how a courageous, astute, kind and driven statesman acquired a taste for conscience-challenged hyper-capitalist basal ganglia & amygdala," the first novel from Pacific Northwest-based author Rob Ethington.


717 pages

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